Write a story illustrating the saying a stitch in time saves nine

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Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Story

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Words Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Article shared by. Someone has very aptly and wisely said that a stitch in time saves nine. It contains an invaluable piece of sane advice, which we constantly hear from our teachers in school and elders at home. To illustrate it further, it can be said that suppose there is a tear in your.

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Mar 07,  · Best Answer: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Betty Schill "The fence has three boards broken off, and I think it is time to do some repairing," said mother.

"Why bother now, wait until it's worth while fixing," grumbled Jack. "Alright, only it will mean more work in the end," replied mother. Many days passed Status: Resolved. Bristol Evening Post - Monopoly Masquerading as the ‘People’s Paper’ Tony Gosling - 11th December Until the early 20th century Bristol had a healthy tradition of varied, locally owned newspapers.

A diversity essential to share local information and to substantiate and debunk gossip. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Betty Schill "The fence has three boards broken off, and I think it is time to do some repairing," said mother.

After the work was finished Jack returned to the house, tired and weary from the long day's work."Well, mother, that time a stitch in time would have saved nine." Betty Schill. School No.

Write a story illustrating the saying a stitch in time saves nine
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