The crucible john proctor strengths and weaknesses

It could be that he's pointing out how even good hearted people can commit destructive acts when swept up in mass hysteria like the Witch Trials. You want your leader to have vision.

First of all Parris is greedy. Weaknesses in a manager include favoritism, a lack ofcommunication and ignoring the suggestions of the staff.

Some characters are underwritten and we are limited to their thoughts. His weakness is trusting anyone that he wants to instead of having them earn his trust.

Human weakness is unveiled when John commits the crime of lechery against his wife with Abigail. This is the biggest trial going on in their marriage — and although it was caused by Abigail and John, it lies within Elizabeth. Strengths in a manager include supporting the staff, knowing whento delegate, and giving credit to the staff for their performanceor ideas.

It is true that John is heroic for giving his life rather than confessing to witchery and furthermore condemning other accused victims who were just as equally innocent as himself. After her arrest and conviction, Rebecca continues to be a pillar of the community, but this time, the community of falsely accused people.

When she is accused of witchcraft, it makes the Reverend Hale pause and reconsider whether the proceedings are just and fair. Hale's last effort to wash some of the blood of his hands fails.

Introduction Real human beings are made up of both strengths and weaknesses.

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The plot is not true to the historical period. She becomes part of the court that condemns witches. But then they'd quickly realize that Parris is just worried about his reputation. The main reason as to why Arthur Miller placed this relationship at the centre of the play is because without it, none of the actions which followed would have taken place.

This is possibly the reason why both tragedy and comedy have an important place in the life of many societies — sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not as strong as we think; other times, to be encouraged that neither are we as weak.

Yet the friends he does have are near and dear to him. Though he's probably a little full of himself, ultimately his goal is to valiantly fight the Devil.

The Marriage of John and Elizabeth Proctor Essay

You may not be available for overtime on certain days of the week for some reason. Parris's repeated demonstrations of exceedingly selfish behavior don't help his case. Giles feels terrible about this. Reverend Samuel Parris Parris is a wormy little character.

His immense pride and fear of public opinion compelled him to withhold his adultery from the court, but by the end of the play he is more concerned with his personal integrity than his public reputation.

She is cunning, emotionally intelligent, and charismatic. They are also in this proverbial "crucible" in their eyes of clensing the land of all evil the "witches".

He knows his wife is innocent and recognizes that his own actions have led to her incarceration and impending death. Most qualities are both weaknesses and strengths.Bedlam’s rendering of the original focused more on the characters of John Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth, rather than on Abigail Williams.

This, a change from previous productions, alters the play’s moral focus in a positive way, but also showcases Douglas Clark and.

"The Crucible of History: Arthur Miller's John Proctor." McGill considers some weakness and strengths in Miller's The Crucible in an article in the ever-excellent The New England Quarterly 54, 2 (June ) pp [free at jstor]. Elizabeth Proctor is one of the central characters in Arthur Miller's play 'The Crucible.' She transforms from a puritanical stereotype into a flawed and more personable character.

John Proctor vs. Danforth, Danforth is the law of the land and represents society, want to get rid of all witches and people with the Devil. Features Quizlet Live. Arthur Miller in ‘The Crucible,’ deals with the internal/external conflicts of protagonist John Proctor, during the witch trials of Salem; showing the effects of “an individual opposed to the will of the majority.

Through the mass hysteria caused by Abigail, corruption of justice and weakness of man; we see clearly the effects of fear and. In their minds this would show weakness of character, never strength.

Reverend Hale shows his personal fortitude and admirable qualities when he returns to Salem after denouncing the court. He knows he was wrong not to fight for John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey and feels responsible for their death sentences.

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The crucible john proctor strengths and weaknesses
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