Tattoos or body piercing today vs

You may not charge for, request a donation for, or seek reimbursement from anyone for such copies. Tattoos are more popular than ever in many parts of the world.

Piercing is another popular form of body art.

Piercing and Tattoos

Tattoo dyes can cause an itchy rash, particularly red dye, even years after the initial work. A piercing is, of course, a puncture wound. Again, this testimony is a personal and private testimony. It is not to be taken as Christian counseling. Again, we do not want to get dogmatic on this issue.

Unless the New Testament specifically does away with some of these specific laws and commands back from the Old Testament, I believe that we have to assume that God still wants all of us to abide by them.

Okay, but which did my body hate more? If God was telling them that He was not wanting any kinds of tattoos or body piercing put on their bodies as a way of mourning for the dead, then I also believe that you can extrapolate off this command and assume that God did not want them doing this for any other possible reason, whether it be for the dead or not.

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Getting Tattooed or Pierced

Before even looking at a needle preferably new or sterilized! As a result, we should be doing everything we can to glorify our God — which includes glorifying Him in our bodies as the second last verse above is telling us to do.

For what it is worth, all of the above is our own personal opinion on this matter and the biblical reasons as to why we feel this way.

Health risks of body piercings Modifying your body with piercings also carries a measure of risk, such as the risk for a bacterial infection.

If God the Father is telling us that homosexuality and anything to do with the occult are abominations in His sight back in the Old Testament, then He is not going to be changing His mind just because we are in New Testament times. I believe the tone and intensity of these words are showing us that God did not want His chosen people to be doing this for any reason whatsoever.

For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. For those of you who are really wanting to know what the Lord may think about this issue, I would challenge each and everyone of you to go before Him in prayer and ask for His direct opinion on this matter.

As we all know, God gave them quite a bit of rules, regulations, and commandments that He wanted them to abide by. God the Father was flat out telling His own people that they were not to engage in this type of activity.You’ve probably noticed people are sporting body piercings and tattoos more than ever.

These aren’t just a fad among young rebels anymore - you’ll even find them on mothers and professionals. Tattoos vs. Body Piercings Your 18th birthday is one of the most important birthdays. You are finally of legal age to get a tattoo or a body piercing.

Tattoos and Body Piercings. Get ink-spired as you browse through these tattoo galleries and discover the meaning behind popular iconography. Learn what to consider before you select your body art and artist, and how to properly care for your tattoo or piercing.

The Psychology of Tattoos and Piercing

Body piercing involves making a hole in the skin so that you can insert jewelry. This is often in the earlobe, but can be in other parts of the body. Tattoos are designs on the skin made with needles and colored ink. Nov 16,  · #tattoo #piercing #DesMoines The latest Updates and News from Skin Kitchen and The Axiom Body Piercing Studio for November 15th, Also Tattoos of.

In society today, tattoos and piercings are becoming more socially acceptable. When one turns eighteen, they legally, can choose to get a tattoo or a piercing.

The Tattoos and Body Piercings Essay


Tattoos or body piercing today vs
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