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The political history of this period consist mainly of the struggle of Burgesses to resist arbitrary government.

Virginia Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

The sympathies and aims might be antagonistic to the designs of the religious leaders. Berkeley had such thorough control of the House of Burgesses that he practically dictated the whole legislation of this period.

Due to the fertile land in Virginia, their most profitable resource was tobacco. A month later the Mayflower passengers found a good harbor and established a settlement, which they named Plymouth.

More essays like this: Berkeley, however, called out troops against Bacon and declared hi a rebel and a traitor. This assembly by the chief ruling body, with power to elect and remove the governor and specify his powers and duties.

They did well and, as sir Walter had to take care of some things in England, he left the colony with appointed leaders. From England, they brought with them ideas of Political freedom that took root and flourished in these colonies. The reason for this move was the leaders designed a self-governing, religious commonwealth, and it would have been inconvenient to submit to the government of Commercial Corporation.

Massachusetts has snow-filled winters, so they had very steep roofs that were covered with grasses. Colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia are one of the England thirteen colonies. A deputy governor and eighteen assistants were chosen. Most important was the principle that Virginia and other colonies must be governed so that mother country might become wealthy and powerful.

After Berkeley return to England in great confusion prevailed for a few years, followed by a series of quarrels with Governors Culpeper and Howard. Virginia was considered an Anglican colony. Another act offor the encouragement of trade, provide that European manufactured goods destined for the plantations must first be carried to Englandand hence they could be purchased only in English market.

They were not prepared for the hardship they found or did they expect to do farm work. Finally, he was replaced by famous sir William Berkeley, twice governor of Virginia. This would prevent the colonies from developing a direct import trade of their own, and compel them to receive goods from England in exchange for their raw materials.

Finally, he was replaced by famous sir William Berkeley, twice governor of Virginia. Better organized, better educated, wealthier than the Plymouth colonist, the people of Massachusetts fared better than the earlier settlers.

By the end of the seventeenth century, New England houses were centered around a fireplace, and like the Virginia Mansions, had glass windows. Land was less fertile in Massachusetts due to the harsh climate and short growing season.

The story of the help the Pilgrims in Massachusetts received with agriculture celebrated each year during Thanksgiving, and without the help Declaring themselves separate from the Church of England.

Compare and contrast the colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay.

They were both founded in the first half of the 17th century and they both practiced some form of self-governance. When it came to the Africans in the colonies: Africans were a minority in the Massachusetts colony, but in the Virginia colony, they were quite numerous.

He personally led troops to attack the Indians.The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were located in separate regions of the New World and had many social and economic variations. The very laws and ideas these people have put into work are what have shaped America into the county it is today.

The Colonies Of Massachusetts and Virginia Essay Sample Between and, settlers from England established thirteen colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. Virginia agronumericus.comhusetts Two of the first two regions of America to be colonized, Virginia and Massachusetts had many similarities.

The Colonies Of Massachusetts and Virginia Essay Sample

However, their differences are what defined their society and economy and made them unique. Virginia and Massachusetts differ socially in terms of religion and demographics and economically in terms of production focus and labor usage.

Unlike Massachusetts was established after the hard work of the colonists to found townships and trade, Virginia became and remained a dispersed group of tobacco farmers with no established towns or cities and no centralized populations throughout the state. Politics in Massachusetts and Virginia in the period from Essay Sample.

1) Background on both Massachusetts and Virginia. a) The London Virginia Company founded Virginia in There were many differences between Virginia and Massachusetts but the main ones lay between their economy and their society.

Each of these colonies was founded upon different ways of living. People from different areas with different customs and religious beliefs both settled them each. They both /5(4).

Massachusetts and virginia essay
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