Henry and mudge and the starry night writing activities

Available formats for Adapted Literature: Jessup's land extended east so as to take in the Dealer's factory. At daylight Jenkins and Rawson, after burying the body of Baker, set out with Earl, the wounded man, to seek assistance and spread the alarm of a possible Indian uprising.

At the coming of the Erie Canal a large warehouse called Jessup's warehouse, was built at the east end of the basin on Throop Street. The executioners fell back upon the old English custom of putting a man out of misery with an ax. Demonstrate how to scroll through the screens, writing one question on each screen.

Later in the 50's they widened the canal and when the old wooden bridges had become unsafe they had to have new bridges. Practice reading the passage chorally as a class, focusing on fluency. He said his father, Thomas Galloway, who was one of the old pioneers, told him so.

If students are using the interactive, be sure they print their work before closing the window. Robert Hart, a Civil War veteran, who fell and broke his hip some months ago.

In this war General John Swift was made brevert General. Explain that they will all think of questions while they read Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night together again.

Read the story aloud to students. Addicott made a lasting impression upon my mind. John Swift and John Jenkins were appointed agents to select and purchase land for their occupation. Use the selected questions to create a quiz prior to the next session.

Clinton who put up a little shop on the lot. Some went to Niagara, Pultneyville and Sackets Harbor. This was called Jessup's Basin. At the foot of Main Street stands the old George Jessup house. Swift made the first settlement, built and occupied the first trading house where now stands the village of Palmyra, then called Swift's Landing, at the mouth of Mill Brook, now just north of the Barge Canal on Railroad Avenue.

After a few years the village sold the house and frontage to Paul Goodnow. Near the cabin was the hunting camp of Tuscarora Indians to whom provisions upon several occasions, had been given. The adapted literature is presented in an interactive manner.

Notebooks are loaned through the Sherlock Center Resource Library. At his death his son, William, jr.Have fun with these Henry and Mudge-themed printables.

Henry and Mudge Book Unit

Includes a maze, a word search, memory game, and crossword puzzle. Created by Simon and Schuster Children's agronumericus.com more Henry and Mudge.

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In this lesson, students read Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night as a whole group. During the whole group instruction, the teacher introduces the story and models a.

Adapted Literature and Lessons

"Henry and Mudge" Resources from PrimaryGradesClassPage This site has some really good resources. You can find a vocabulary powerpoint that is made really well, a spelling test, a study guide for the story, grammar test, skill sheets, and phonics and language drills.

Aunt Kay was a ball of fire!

Adapted Literature and Lessons

Funny and most of agronumericus.com LOVED her family! We are deeply sad to learn she has left this earth, but happy she has reunited with her love of 57 yrs and our Heavenly Father.

The Teacher's Guide-Free Worksheets, SMARTboard templates, and lesson plans for teachers.

If you students enjoy Henry and Mudge as much as mine do, then this little unit will help encourage your student's love for reading! Here's what is included in this pack: 1. Bubble Maps: Describe the characters 2. Venn Diagram Flapbooks- compare the characters or.

Henry and mudge and the starry night writing activities
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